iPod classic - Watching Videos on a TV Connected to iPodclassic

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Watching Videos on a TV Connected to iPod classic

If you have an AV cable from Apple, you can watch videos on a TV connected to
iPod classic. First you set iPod classic to display videos on a TV, then connect
iPod classic to your TV, and then play a video.

Use the Apple Component AV Cable, the Apple Composite AV Cable, or the Apple AV
Connection Kit. Other similar RCA-type cables might not work. You can purchase the
cables at www.apple.com/ipodstore or your local Apple store.

To set iPod classic to display videos on a TV:


Choose Videos > Settings, and then set TV Out to Ask or On.

If you set TV Out to Ask, iPod classic gives you the option of displaying videos on TV or
on iPod classic every time you play a video. If you set TV Out to On, iPod classic displays
videos only on TV. If you try to play a video when iPod classic isn’t connected to a TV,
iPod classic displays a message instructing you to connect to one.

You can also set video to display full screen or widescreen, and set video to display on
PAL or NTSC devices.

To set TV settings:


Choose Videos > Settings, and then follow the instructions below.

To use the Apple Component AV Cable to connect iPod classic to your TV:


Plug the green, blue, and red video connectors into the component video input
(Y, Pb, and Pr) ports on your TV.

You can also use the Apple Composite AV Cable. If you do, plug in the yellow video
connector into the video input port on your TV. Your TV must have RCA video and
audio ports.

To set

Do this

Video to display on a TV

Set TV Out to Ask or On.

Video to display on PAL or

Set TV Signal to NTSC or PAL. NTSC and PAL refer to TV broadcast
standards. Your TV might use either of these, depending on the
region where it was purchased. If you aren’t sure which your TV
uses, check the documentation that came with your TV.

The format of your external TV

Set TV Screen to Widescreen for 16:9 format or Standard for 4:3

Video to fit to your screen

Set “Fit to Screen” to On. If you set “Fit to Screen” to Off, widescreen
videos display in letterbox format on iPod classic or a standard (4:3)
TV screen.

Alternate audio to play

Set Alternate Audio to On.

Captions to display

Set Captions to On.

Subtitles to display

Set Subtitles to On.

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Chapter 4

Watching Videos


Plug the white and red audio connectors into the left and right analog audio input
ports, respectively, on your TV.


Plug the iPod Dock Connector into iPod classic or the Universal Dock.


Plug the USB connector into your USB Power Adapter or your computer to keep
iPod classic charged.


Turn on iPod classic and your TV or receiver to start playing.

Make sure you set TV Out on iPod classic to On.

Note: The ports on your TV or receiver may differ from the ports in the illustration.

To view a video on your TV:


Connect iPod classic to your TV (see above).


Turn on your TV and set it to display from the input ports connected to iPod classic.
See the documentation that came with your TV for more information.


On iPod classic, choose Videos and browse for a video.

USB Power



Left audio (white)

Dock Connector


Video in (Y, Pb, Pr)

Right audio (red)

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