iPod classic - Updating and Restoring iPod Software

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Updating and Restoring iPod Software

You can use iTunes to update or restore iPod software. It’s recommended that you
update iPod classic to use the latest software. You can also restore the software, which
puts iPod classic back to its original state.

 If you choose to update, the software is updated, but your settings and songs aren’t


 If you choose to restore, all data is erased from iPod classic, including songs, videos,

files, contacts, photos, calendar information, and any other data. All iPod classic
settings are restored to their original state.

To update or restore iPod classic:


Make sure you have an Internet connection and have installed the latest version of
iTunes from www.apple.com/ipod/start.


Connect iPod classic to your computer.


In iTunes, select iPod classic in the device list and click the Summary tab.

The Version section tells you whether iPod classic is up to date or needs a newer
version of the software.


Click Update to install the latest version of the software.


If necessary, click Restore to restore iPod classic to its original settings (this erases all
data from iPod classic). Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore

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