iPod classic - Adding Content Automatically or Manually

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Adding Content Automatically or Manually

There are two ways to add content to iPod classic:
 Automatic syncing: When you connect iPod classic to your computer, iPod classic is

automatically updated to match the items in your iTunes library. You can sync all your
songs, playlists, videos, and podcasts, or, if your entire iTunes library doesn’t fit on
iPod classic, you can sync only selected items. You can sync iPod classic automatically
with only one computer at a time.

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Chapter 2

Setting Up iPod classic

 Manually managing iPod classic: When you connect iPod classic, you can drag songs

and playlists individually to iPod classic, and delete songs and playlists individually
from iPod classic. Using this option, you can add songs from more than one
computer without erasing songs from iPod classic. When you manage music yourself,
you must always eject iPod classic from iTunes before you can disconnect it. To skip
to the section on managing your content manually, see “Managing iPod classic
Manually” on page 26.