iPod classic - Adding Videos to iPodclassic

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Adding Videos to iPod classic

You add movies and TV shows to iPod classic much the same way you add songs. You
can set iTunes to sync all movies and TV shows to iPod classic automatically when you
connect iPod classic, or you can set iTunes to sync only selected playlists. Alternatively,
you can manage movies and TV shows manually. Using this option, you can add videos
from more than one computer without erasing videos already on iPod classic.

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Chapter 2

Setting Up iPod classic

Note: Music videos are managed with songs, under the Music tab in iTunes.
See “Adding Music, Videos, and Other Content to iPod classic” on page 21.


You can view a rented movie on only one device at a time. So, for example,

if you rent a movie from the iTunes Store and add it to iPod classic, you can only view it
on iPod classic. If you transfer the movie back to iTunes, you can only watch it there
and not on iPod classic. Be aware of the rental expiration date.