iPod classic - Searching Music

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Searching Music

You can search iPod classic for songs, playlists, album titles, artist names, audio
podcasts, and audiobooks. The search feature doesn’t search videos, notes, calendar
items, contacts, or lyrics.

Note: Not all languages are supported.

To search for music:


From the Music menu, choose Search.


Enter a search string by using the Click Wheel to navigate the alphabet and pressing
the Center button to enter each character.

iPod classic starts searching as soon as you enter the first character, displaying the
results on the search screen. For example, if you enter “b,” iPod classic displays all
music items containing the letter “b.” If you enter “ab,” iPod classic displays all items
containing that sequence of letters.

To enter a space, press the Next/Fast-forward button.

To delete the previous character, press the Previous/Rewind button.


Press Menu to display the results list, which you can navigate by using the Click Wheel.

Items appear in the results list with icons identifying their type: song, video, artist,
album, audiobook, podcast, or iTunes U.

To return to Search (if Search is highlighted in the menu), press the Center button.