iPod classic - Playing Genius Mixes

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Playing Genius Mixes

Genius Mixes are created for you by iTunes and contain songs from your library that go
great together. Genius Mixes provide a different listening experience each time you
play one. iTunes creates up to 12 Genius Mixes, depending on the variety of music in
your iTunes library.

To learn how to sync Genius Mixes to iPod classic, see “Syncing Genius Playlists and
Genius Mixes to iPod classic” on page 23.

To play a Genius Mix:


Choose Music > Genius Mixes.


Use the Click Wheel (or press Next/Fast-forward or Previous/Rewind) to browse the
Genius Mixes. The dots at the bottom of the screen indicate how many Genius Mixes
are synced to iPod classic.


To start playing a Genius Mix, press the Center button or Play/Pause when you see
its screen.

The Speaker icon

appears when the

selected Genius Mix is



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