iPod classic - Using Genius on iPodclassic

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Using Genius on iPod classic

Even when iPod classic isn’t connected to your computer, Genius can automatically
create instant playlists of songs that go great together. You can also play Genius Mixes,
which are preselected compilations of songs that go great together. You can create
Genius playlists in iTunes and add them to iPod classic, and you can sync Genius Mixes
to iPod classic.

To use Genius, you need to set up Genius in the iTunes Store, and then sync iPod classic
to iTunes (see “Turning On Genius in iTunes” on page 19).

To create a Genius playlist on iPod classic:


Select a song, and then press and hold the Center button until a menu appears.

You can select a song from a menu or playlist, or you can start from the Now Playing


Choose Start Genius.

Start Genius doesn’t appear in the menu of additional commands, if any of the
following apply:

 You haven’t set up Genius in iTunes and then synced iPod classic with iTunes.
 Genius doesn’t recognize the song you selected.
 Genius recognizes the song, but there aren’t at least ten similar songs in your library.


Press the Center button. The new playlist appears.


To keep the playlist, choose Save Playlist.

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Chapter 3

Listening to Music

The playlist is saved with the song title and artist of the song you used to make the


To change the playlist to a new one based on the same song, choose Refresh. If you
refresh a saved playlist, the new playlist replaces the previous one. You can’t recover the
previous playlist.

You can also start Genius from the Now Playing screen by pressing the Center button
until you see the Genius slider, and then using the Click Wheel to move the slider to the
right. The Genius slider won’t appear if Genius information isn’t available for the current

Genius playlists saved on iPod classic are synced back to iTunes when you connect
iPod classic to your computer.

To play a Genius playlist:


Choose Music > Playlists, and then choose a Genius playlist.