iPod classic - Listening to Audiobooks

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Listening to Audiobooks

To listen to audiobooks on iPod classic, choose Audiobooks from the Music menu.
Choose an audiobook and then press Play/Pause.

If you stop listening to an audiobook on iPod classic and return to it later, the
audiobook begins playing where you left off. iPod classic skips audiobooks when
it’s set to shuffle.

If the audiobook you’re listening to has chapters, you can press Next/Fast-forward or
Previous/Rewind to skip to the next chapter or the beginning of the current chapter in
the audiobook. You can also choose the audiobook from the Audiobooks menu and
then choose a chapter, or choose Resume to begin playing where you left off.

You can play audiobooks at speeds faster or slower than normal. Setting the playing
speed affects only audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Store or from audible.com.

To set audiobook play speed:


Choose Settings > Audiobooks and choose a speed.