iPod classic - Learning More, Service, andSupport

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Learning More, Service,
and Support

You can find more information about using iPod classic in
onscreen help and on the web.

The following table describes where to get more iPod-related software and service

To learn about

Do this

Service and support,
discussions, tutorials, and
Apple software downloads

Go to: www.apple.com/support/ipod

Using iTunes

Open iTunes and choose Help > iTunes Help.
For an online iTunes tutorial (available in some areas only), go to:

Using iPhoto (on Mac OS X)

Open iPhoto and choose Help > iPhoto Help.

Using iSync (on Mac OS X)

Open iSync and choose Help > iSync Help.

Using iCal (on Mac OS X)

Open iCal and choose Help > iCal Help.

The latest information about
iPod classic

Go to: www.apple.com/ipodclassic

Registering iPod classic

To register iPod classic, install iTunes on your computer and
connect iPod classic.

Finding the iPod classic serial

Look at the back of iPod classic or choose Settings > About and
press the Center button. In iTunes (with iPod classic connected to
your computer), select iPod classic in the device list and click the
Settings tab.

Obtaining warranty service

First follow the advice in this booklet, the onscreen help, and
online resources. Then go to:

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